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Our Mission:

No one goes to a spa with the intention of contracting a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection, but the simple fact is this:

Our podiatric practice—Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates—has treated many patients over the years who’ve developed conditions like diseased toenails, fungal and bacterial infections, and warts simply because they went to a storefront spa for their manicures and pedicures.

We think that’s terrible.

After all, people go to spas for relaxation, comfort, and a little pampering as they simply want to look and feel their best—not to end up with a disease!

Raise Your Spa Expectations

Because we know firsthand that so many problems start at places like that, we had a revelation— our patients deserve better!

As trained medical professionals, we know what it takes to have and maintain a sterile treatment environment, one where the risk for microbial contamination is absolutely minimal. So we’ve taken our knowledge about those techniques and applied them to the creation of Sole Serenity Medical Spa.

But you need more than that if you want to have the best spa around!

To that point, we have a team of licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, and nail technicians who are trained and certified to provide the services you expect to receive from a spa—only our team works under physician oversight so you have the ultimate experience.

(Seriously, there’s no need to sacrifice safety when you want a comfortable, enjoyable spa visit.)

Our Commitment to You

Sole Serenity Medical Spa is dedicated to providing safe, sanitary, luxurious spa services in a tranquil environment which soothes and delights the body and “sole.”

Our unique approach allows the mind and spirit of our guests to comfortably relax knowing that they will receive these services with focused attention to cleanliness and health that only our spa can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get French tips on my manicures and pedicures?

Yes! French tip manicures and pedicures take a little extra time, so be sure to tell the receptionist on staff when booking your next appointment. When booking online, choose the manicure/pedicure you would like to book AND then choose an additional service titled “French Polish Change Manicure/Pedicure.” If you change your mind about the French polish when you come in, just let the nail technician know.

Do you work with people who have diabetes?

Yes! All of our nail technicians train with a podiatrist (Owner – Dr. Daniel Shanahan) in addition to their cosmetology schooling, and are licensed in the state of Michigan. All of the Sole Serenity Spa staff are extremely knowledgeable, and take the best care possible when it comes to diabetic hands and feet!

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