KeryFlex Nail Restoration

If you have fungal nails, you know how embarrassing they can be. Discolored, thickened, even ragged and crumbly nails are an eyesore that may make you self-conscious about showing your nails in public, wearing open-toed shoes, or even treating yourself to a spa day.

In fact, one of the reasons we opened Sole Serenity Spa is to help you prevent getting fungal toenails in the first place. Spas that don’t sterilize their tools, foot baths, or equipment to medical standards can actually spread the infection.

But what if we told you there’s a solution out there that could provide an immediatesignificant improvement in the appearance of your nails? One that would allow you to walk into our spa with an unsightly infection, and walk out with toes you’d be proud to put on display?

Say hello to KeryFlex Nail Restoration.

Although we have great success with Keryflex Restoration Treatments, results are not guaranteed.

What Is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex is a medical-grade nail restoration system that allows us to repair and remodel a toenail damaged by fungus, trauma, or other injuries or defects, restoring it to a clear and healthy appearance by bonding it to a medical-grade composite resin.

Unlike fake acrylic nails, which trap moisture and actually make your fungal infection worse, the resin nail used for the KeryFlex nail is non-porous, non-permeable, and flexible. This looks, feels, and moves just like your natural nail, and will not damage or irritate the underlying nail or skin.

What Is the Procedure?

The entire KeryFlex procedure can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less in most cases, though this depends on how many nails need treatment and how severe they are.

During the procedure, we file down the nail as much as possible, reducing its thickness and structure to more closely match a healthy toenail. KeryFlex does not bond to skin, but as long as you have about 15 percent of your natural nail remaining, it should be sufficient for a strong bond.

Next, we apply a bonding agent and the resin material. We then cure the resin under UV light for two minutes. This is similar in concept to how a dentist bonds medical-grade resin to a tooth in order to fix chips and discoloration.

After that, we’ll shape, smooth, and buff the nail until it looks just right, then put on a top coat of sealant and cure one more time. This protects the new nail and is what makes it non-porous and non-permeable.

The entire process takes about 30 minutes or less, and is 100% pain free. The procedure is highly safe, although not for everyone. If you are pregnant, nursing, have any known allergies to the ingredients in KeryFlex, or have certain neuropathy or circulatory conditions, KeryFlex may not be appropriate.

What Results Can I Expect?

Immediately after the procedure, the appearance of your nail should be drastically improved, and the results last about 6-8 weeks on average. After that, you may need to reapply KeryFlex.

In rare circumstances, the resin may detach from the natural nail due to repetitive trauma—so if you are a runner, this is more likely to happen to you. It is still very rare, however.

The resin nail is unaffected by acetone, nail polishes, or detergents. You can wash it or paint it just like any normal toenails. We do, however, recommend that you do not use nail clippers to trim the nail as it grows out. Instead, file it periodically.

It is important to remember that KeryFlex is a cosmetic treatment and not a cure for fungal toenails. It does not affect the underlying fungus. However, it does not interferewith treatment either, and you can do both simultaneously.

In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too—cure the fungus with medical treatment while enjoying instant cosmetic results with KeryFlex.

We are happy to refer you to our sister podiatric practice downstairs, Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates, for medical treatment of your fungal nails. Without treatment, the fungal nail will keep coming back.

Keryflex Before and After Results

One Appointment. Restored Confidence

You don’t have to be embarrassed by your toenails any longer. You don’t have to wait months and months for the damaged toenail to grow off.

You can get great looking, great feeling nails todaywith KeryFlex. So what are you waiting for? Give Sole Serenity Medical Spa in Commerce Township a call today for an appointment at (248) 779-8777, or to ask us if KeryFlex is right for you.




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